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Chunksters Cookies

Craving for COOKIES? We got Chunksters for you!

Chewy, chunky, and one of a kind!

Loaded with premium Belgian couverture and Filipino Auro chocolates, these cookies will definitely give you an unforgettable cookie experience.

Now available in NEW flavors!

  1. OG Chunksters
  2. Crinkle Chunksters
  3. Granola (new)
  4. Biscoff (new)
  5. Cheesecake (new)
  6. 4X (Quadruple chocolate) (new)
  7. Nutella (new)
  8. Brownie Cheesecake (new, available as BIG only)

** Assorted boxes will be a mix of at least 5 different available flavors on the day. 

** Bite-sized Chunksters are ordered by sets


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