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We are Lovelots Cakes

A staple brand of tasteful, modern, and elegant cakes in Weddings and events since 2010.

Love is the fuel that drove Lovelots Cakes into existence.

It continues to be our guide that propels us in our commitment to serve you the best of flavors & aesthetic, along with wonderful memories through our cakes.

behind the brand

Our Story

Lovelots Cakes started in 2010 when Melissa thought to give her then-boyfriend-now-husband a birthday surprise of freshly baked custom panda cupcakes.

With no prior experience and only pure determination, Mel had to learn to bake from scratch and decorate, all in a day!

The surprise was a success and that core moment is cherished in their hearts forever. Who would forget those *adorable panda cupcakes*?

Up to this day, Lovelots Cakes delivers cherished moments through exceptional cakes, with its signature style of playful and modern elegance, for every chapter in your life.

how we started

About our Founder

An artisan at heart, with keen attention to details, Melissa Pedreña – Cardenas is a gem in the cake industry.

After graduating Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Santo Tomas, and becoming a Registered Nurse, she worked with eHealth & Telemedicine pioneers and researchers in the University of the Philippines, Manila.

Melissa’s background in health care and her creative pursuit for elegance blended perfectly through Baking and Pastry Arts. After all, Baking is a Science and an Art!

Currently, she is an award-winning cake artist, instructor, with top booker awards from the biggest Wedding fairs in the country, and a dedicated team under her mentorship.

Like a sculptor, she translates her vision using various mediums – Ganache, Fondant, Buttercream, as well as with different pastes for sugar flowers and edible figures.

Her expertise is a product of years of immersive experience from every cake she makes. Her perfected recipes are well-loved and makes her clients come back for their next celebration.

what my clients are saying

Group 77
"Amazing cake, designed with so much detail."
Mel is an incredible artist. Also the cake was soo yummy too. The entire family loved it. The only baker artist treasure I'll use from now on.
Patrick M.
Group 74
"This is the best birthday cake ever!!!"
Despite being ill on my birthday I have been truly spoiled by my @wickeduk touring family! Thank you @tomctmather for this incredible cake.
Jacqueline H.
Group 78
"Just want to say that omg everyone were shocked that the lechon was a cakel!!"
they really thought its real! And its just not nice super yummy pa!!! Usually I dont eat the inside of a decorated cake but i tried yours omg i had to save alot for myself haha. Thank you so much.
Rose B.
Group -2
"The cake is just exactly how i imagined it."
It perfectly matched to our minimalist very intimate wedding theme! It's not just about the looks but also the taste, not being exaggerated but the taste is just truly amazing that i can't exactly describe it. Surely, will recommended you to my friends and hope to have another transaction with you”
Eli V
Group 75
"The designs were so unique and pretty."
And when they offered their free taste, we knew they were the one - I guess you can say it was the icing on the cake for us! It was such a pleasant surprise finally seeing it at the venue. All I had to do was share some cake pegs and our stylist's concept, and told ms. Mel the overall theme/feel that we wanted and they got everything right Thank you @lovelotscakes for this beautiful and delicious wedding cake! it now holds a special place in our hearts - and stomachs!
Marielle M.
FIRST OF ALL. I love the box!!!
Looks so much classier + I don’t have to worry about re-wrapping anymore! Second, the details. The accuracy. 😭 I don’t know why I’m still surprised. Third, please take care of your hands. We have so many more milestones to celebrate together!
Laigne Go
Group -5
"Thank you Mel for the beautifully made cake."
Pat and I really loved the design. We are forever grateful. More power to Lovelots!!
Kate B.
Group -4
"Sobrang thank you sa cake Grabe and Ganda. Super Sarap"
At Grabe ang cupcake saka cookies. Thank you talaga for making the impossible possible.
J-Anne C.

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