Figuring out Clash of Clans

Past 5 years into cake artistry and we can definitely feel some comfort with our art style. We know how we like our figures to pose, smile, and act playful. Once in a while though, we encounter cake projects that are beyond our horizon — Clash of Clans is one of those.

Each time that we are challenged, we accept it #gamefaceon. As they say ‘Growth begins outside our comfort zones’. As we always do, we research.

What better way to immerse yourself into it than actually download & play the game? 🙂 YES. I found myself playing Clash Royale — same characters, shorter game play, no commitments! Having a game designer fiancé was a big help too, because I was able to see the game at a different light. I actually enjoyed it!

Sharing with you some photos on how we interpreted this cake for a very hardworking dad who turned 56.

COC_lovelotscakes_trophyThe trophy, arrows, and oh, those bomb candles. Hope they don’t explode! 🙂


COC_lovelotscakes_gemsOh, the things we could do at 56!


COC_lovelotscakes_barbarianThe very iconic Barbarian. This is what game face is all about!


COC_lovelotscakes_pekkaPekka! You’re like a heavy metal, steampunked, Baymax!


COC_lovelotscakes_goblin This goblin needs to get some sleep.


COC_lovelotscakes_fullTada! 😀


There you have it, our very first Clash of Clans cake. Hope you enjoyed!